Mental Health Equals Mental Wealth in 2022
Jan 2022

We made it to 2022!

As we begin this new year we would like to say ‘ May the odds be ever in your favor’  because let's keep it real, the last two years have felt like a straight scene from the Hunger games. 

Alas it's a new year and time for a fresh new start. Now more than ever it's important to practice self love, meditation and an overall more holistic approach to life. However dreamy as that may sound as we move forward into 2022, those dreamy good feels of the new year may begin to fade against the sometimes harsh realities of life. 

One way to keep this romance of a better year full of new possibilities is to practice grounding techniques. 

When you find yourself spinning out over a harsh exchange of words with a loved one, or a tough day at work, remember to just take a couple of minutes to yourself and light one of PhyllisK New York’s soothing candles or diffusers to aromatically keep your spirits high. 

Remember to slowly breathe in deep through your nose and out through your mouth at a steady, mindful pace while you enjoy the relaxing scents of Lavender seeping out of the candle and helping bring calm to your state of mind. 

Please also remember it is OK to ask for help if you need it, sometimes breathing and aromatic therapy just isn’t enough and we need someone to speak to and that’s OK! If you or a loved one is having a challenging mental break during these trying times we are living in please seek out help. One place you can reach out to is which offers online counseling and therapy right from your couch. 

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