Best Essential Oils for colder Months
Nov 2021

Jorge Perez


Best Essential Oils for colder Months

“Winter is coming” as they would say in Game of Thrones and although we don’t have to worry about an army of the dead we do however have to worry about feeling a little low which may happen as we stay indoors longer and get less natural sunlight.


Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) - yes, this is a real thing folks- is thought to be the result of a lack of exposure to natural light during the winter months which have shorter day spans and people tend to stay indoors to stay warm.


SAD can alter hormone levels resulting in lower moods, cravings for junk food, lower energy & erratic sleep patterns.

Thanks to the use of Citrus, floral and woody essential oils you can effectively beat the winter blues.

Natural Scented Oil Reed Diffusers and Soy candles infused with natural scented oils can help lift your spirits and add an extra burst of scented energy to the air. Citrus themed candles & oils add that extra burst of energy while floral and woody scents remind our brains of spring and summer months.


Suffer from cold feet & hands? Here’s an Essential Oils Therapy Hack!

Get yourself some Black pepper, Cardamon, Clove bug, Ginger, Juniper berry, Marjoram and/or Rosemary which have known warming and stimulating effects while being easy on the nose.

Not sure where to get yourself Natural scented oils for the Fall? Check out our Fall Essentials List for some of the top recommendations.

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