The Real Magic Behind Candle Magic
Nov 2021

Jorge Perez


The Real Magic Behind Candle Magic

You’ve heard the term candle magic and although this isn’t that kind of post, we are here to talk about a different side of candle magic (not the Hocus Pocus kind). 

It goes without saying that for  thousands of years our ancestors have found relief, enlightenment, relaxation and even bursts of energy through the burning of naturally scented candles

Although it’s not clear the exact location or time frame in the origin of candle making, what is clear is that for over 5,000 years different civilizations have been creating their own versions of candles. 

In 3,000BC Egyptians would use candles made from a combination of animal fat and reeds.  Around 500 BC Romans were making candles by dipping rolled papyrus repeatedly into melted tallow (made from melted beef or mutton fat) or beeswax to form what we consider to be the first real wick candles.

The popularity of candles, not just as a means to light dark nights but a means of being a decorative item in the home, continued to grow throughout the middle ages all the way until today. 

The real magic in candles comes from the use of naturally derived oils from different plants. These naturally scented oils when mixed with soy based candles create a clean burning scent that depending on the oil helps, relax or invigorate your senses. 

Have you ever noticed when you take a whiff of a let’s say Lavender scented candle you automatically feel more at ease and just crave to have more of the smell? When you combine scented candles like Lavender which has been used to help relax humans for thousands of years with a slow, steady breathing pattern you can find yourself easily dozing off to dreamland.

So whether you’re looking to relax and zone out or grab a push of energy from a citrus candle, why not gift yourself and a loved one some real candle magic this holiday season?

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