Mental Health Equals Mental Wealth in 2022
Jan 2022

Alas it's a new year and time for a fresh new start. Now more than ever it's important to practice self love, meditation and an overall more holistic approach to life. However dreamy as that may sound as we move forward into 2022, those dreamy good feels of the new year may begin to fade against the sometimes harsh realities of life. 

Horoscope Lovers: Zodiac Circus Metal Posters
Dec 2021

NYC Artist & writer Suzi K Edwards recently just launched a collaboration with PhyllisK New York for a limited series Zodiac Circus candle collection. The Artwork showcases Suzi’s unique art style through the incorporation of whimsical circus performers representing one of each of the 12 zodiac signs.

The Real Magic Behind Candle Magic
Nov 2021

Jorge Perez


The Real Magic Behind Candle Magic