Sep 2021

Believe it or not there’s a right and wrong way to burn candles and unless you’re aware of it you’re probably doing it wrong. To ensure you get the most out of your Soy Scented Candles we’ve put together this guide to proper candle placement in your home.

To begin, it goes without saying you should always place your soy candles on a strong heat-resistant surface that's away from any curtains or fabric. Depending on the size of your soy candle you should place at least one 8-oz soy candle every 10 SQ FT of a room.

You can make scents stand out by using different scents in different rooms. Our noses get less sensitive to scents after smelling them for about 15 minutes. Your nose in other words will be more stimulated as you walk from room to room with different scents.

Talking about scents and candle placement, it’s also important to choose the right candle scent to set the right mood. You don’t want to use a fresh citrus scented soy candle that will energize you in the evening. Instead you should opt for Lavender scented soy candles which have been used to calm and relax people for thousands of years.

Cotton or Wood wicked scented soy candles are the way to go. They allow for better scent diffusion from your soy candle. Soy candles also burn much cleaner!

Always remember the 10 SQ FT rule per 8oz candle in a room  and avoid having two candles in one room. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing and that includes scents. Overpowering smells can cause some people to feel sick, so make sure to avoid that.

Candle Care is also something important to keep in mind to get the most out of your scented soy candles.

It’s important to keep track of your candle burning. Usually it’s good to burn your candles for about 4-6 hours to create a good pool that really gets the scent going. Now if you’re a little forgetful you can always make sure to keep your candles away from anything that may catch fire and you can even set up your Alexa or Siri to send you a reminder to blow out your candles.


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